A parent always strives to give his child the best possible ambience to help him in the overall development of his character. While the surroundings of the home cannot be replicated, it can be made as good as possible. The world class facilities in diverse fields does go a long way in promoting talents of diverse kinds. Life at IIIT Allahabad becomes the best parts of the lives of its students...


At IIITA, we understand the importance of staying connected for the persuasion of knowledge and widening of vision. Following that philosophy, the institute ensures to provide connectivity to all its inhabitants in every fringe of the campus throughout the 24 hours. IIITA has a well established network infrastructure both for the local (LAN) as well as access to the internet. It is a medium-size network and approximately consists of 2000 nodes. The internal design is powered by providing dedicated wired as well as shared wireless network to every node in the campus. The network spans through every building on the campus. The internet is facilitated by a dedicated link from National Informatics Center of 250Mbps bandwidth including a redundant wireless link of 10Mbps to ensure connectivity in case of technical breakdown. A centralized server room monitors all network behaviour and facilitates distribution of the secure network to the entire campus. The IIITA network infrastructure is sophisticated and uses cutting edge technologies like Nexus Backbone switch, Unified Threat Management systems, Web Mail security and more. The network is prominently upgraded with time to meet the needs of all the users on the campus. Along with consistent connectivity, IIITA provided native web services to its users like E-Mail, Web Server, Profile service, Cloud file sharing, etc. All these web services and the network are responsibly managed by IIITA’s Network Development Engineering and Management Team, INDEM (http://indem.iiita.ac.in/). INDEM firmly believes in not only providing good service, but also educating its users regarding the network and its resources and thus has evolved into a student-cum-domain-experts body.


"You can't win unless you learn how to lose" A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. IIIT-Allahabad provides an excellent physical activities infrastructure for its residents to ensure that academic development is duly supplemented by sufficient physical development as well. A well maintained football ground – complete with spectator stands serves as the principal venue for most of the sports events organized by “Spirit” – the sports club of IIIT-Allahabad. A duly marked athletic track circumscribing the ground serves to provide for a safe track for not only the athletic events – but the early morning joggers as well. Aquatic sports are catered to by a 25*12m swimming pool that is maintained to strict hygiene standards. The institute also provides flood lit basketball, tennis and squash courts to ensure that students have sufficient venues to engage in games of their choice. To further complement these venues, the air-conditioned Student Activity Center (SAC) also houses a table tennis facility along with a billiards room for those interested in indoor activities.


Democracy is not something to be criticized, politics is not something from which we will shun ourselves away. The main motive of the formation of the Students' Gymkhana is to make the student community of IIIT-Allahabad a self-dependent organization. After a long wait, the opportunity of airing our voices is knocking at our doors. So let us embrace this project as a family and lets program and debug our way through this complex algorithm called "Gymkhana". Let us show the world that "Yes We Can!"...


Healthy Mind and Body The health center of the institute is a 24×7 functional body that provides OPD care and first aid facilities for the residents where prompt treatment for ailments and small wounds can be availed. A multi-bed hospital meant for admitting students with greater illness is also maintained. Facilities like ECG and Pathology for basic routine tests on weekdays are also available and can be availed as per need. The Medical Claim and Accidental Insurance Policy (MCAIP) ensure timely hospitalization and the best of treatments available for the students. An ambulance meant for transporting patients from institute to Nazareth Hospital and SRN Hospital in case of major illness or emergency is available round the clock. Homeopathic treatment is available on selected days. The students are required to reveal their medical history of any type and nature such as asthma, epilepsy, HTN, diabetes or any other chronic illness, during the time of admissions so that proper treatment and care can be provided to them during emergencies or otherwise. A team of well qualified doctors headed by CMO Dr. R Dayal, ensure the best of health care for the residential students.


The Boys Hostel Campus consisting of BH1, BH2, BH3 and BH4, situated across the road from the main campus, is a vibrant place allotted to the present students and research scholars of the campus. The boys hostel campus is the perfect place to be at peace and rest or to put in more of one’s strength and energy when not involved elsewhere in some other pursuit of life which may not include academics. The centrally air conditioned mess in each of the hostels fulfill the dining requirements of the students. Recreational facilities include provision for sports such as Volley ball, Badminton, Table tennis etcetera. Girls Hostel provides hostel facility with a homely environment to the lady scholars of the institute. It consists of three hostels GH1, GH2, GH3 constituting separate air conditioned mess and gym facilities with 24hrs guidance of caretakers. For the all round development, the students can access the facility of basketball court, badminton court.. Timings are strictly adhered to for the incoming and outgoing of the students for their safety. Regular attendance is taken by the caretaker. Different festivals and cultural events are celebrated together within the hostel campus in a very friendly and homely atmosphere. Night canteens within the boys and girls hostel premises facilitate the dietary requirements of the students after the normal dining hours – especially when the students are busy burning the midnight oil.


The Dining facilities of the Institute are one of the best in its class. Besides the regular Mess, which provides regular home-like food, we have numerous other facilities. A cafeteria and a Canteen caters to students during the Entire day while numerous Night canteens are open all night to ensure that no student goes to bed with an empty stomach, no matter what time of the night it is.


The Institute boasts of the state-of-the-art Laboratories, which offer the students the opportunity to exploit the full potential within. Few institutes offer Labaratories at par with IIIT Allahabad. Also the students are granted 24 * 7 access to the Labs, in order to promote self paced learning. Each lab has experienced managers to assist the students in their overall growth and development.