Welcome to the department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad. The department was established in the year 2006 with the aims of providing leadership in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering and pioneering interdisciplinary research with Information Technology. We strive to train and empower our students who will make the world a better place by using power of engineering principles, techniques and systems. To that end, considerable initiative have been taken to establish state of the art research laboratories in the area of VLSI design and technology, MEMS and sensors, embedded systems, wireless and optical communication, cognitive radios, MIMO technologies, RF and microwave engineering. Additionally, being a center of excellence in Information Technology, the institute provides greater exposure of core areas of Information Technology to the students of ECE department at IIITA as compared to the students registered in similar program at other premier institutes of India. Students are encouraged to undertake project in a group starting from Vth semester and advance research project in VIIIth semester under the able guidance of faculties in these emerging areas. Opportunity for innovation and incubation is provided at this stage to successful projects by the institute for industrial standards. The department offers financial support to its young faculty for cutting edge research and also encourages them to undertake sponsored research from industry and government agencies. Presently several project sponsored by DST, DeitY are under way in the department. Also department provide healthy environment to students and faculties to carry out inter department collaborative research in area like bio medical engineering, robotics, human computer interface etc. Having undergone such a robust academic programme under the supervision of highest quality faculty members, I am sure that all passing out students of the department are capable of visualizing, planning and developing big projects of commercial and research interests in their respective field of expertise. Thus, I would like to invite the Industries, Companies, PSUs and other organizations for conducting the recruitment activities @IIITA. Also, the invitation is open for the potential candidates to join the institute as faculty member and strengthen the academic and research activities of the department.

Dr. Rajat Kumar Singh
Head of Department
Electronics and Communication