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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


Title PI/Co-PI Sponsor Total Value (in Lacs, Rs.) Duration
Strain-driven phonon-assisted tuning of excitonic lifetime in two-dimensional optoelectronic semiconductors Dr. Sitangshu Bhattacharya SERB MATRICS 6.6 2022-2025
Device-to-circuit integrated design of ZnO TFT based pixel circuits on flexible substrates Dr. Kavindra Kandpal IIITA 9.44 2021-2023
IoT Security - Development of Security Audit Framework for Secure IoT Network Dr Suneel Yadav (Co-PI) & Dr Neetesh Purohit (Co-PI) C3ihub IHUBNF, IIT Kanpur 270 2021-2026
Precision Agriculture & Smart Farming using UAVs/Drones for Pesticide Spraying Solutions Dr. Suneel Yadav Jawahar R-ABI, JNKVV, Jabalpur under SAAKAR 2.0 Scheme 25 2021-2022
Ab-initio linear and non-linear ultrafast spectroscopy in two-dimensional nitrogen based binary buckled group V semiconductors Dr. Sitangshu Bhattacharya& Dr. Rekha Verma (Co-PI) Indo-Czech International Bilateral Project, DST 120 2019-2022
Low power high speed true random number generator for cryptographic and security applications Dr. Manish Goswami & Dr. Prasanna Kumar Misra (Co-PI) DST 65 2019-2022
Satellite image-based soil moisture estimation algorithm using minimum apriori information. Dr Pooja Mishra IIITA-Seed 4.5 2018-2020
Investigations on Chalcogenide Photodetectors Dr. Sunny SERB, DST 52.48 2017-2021
Investigations on Conducting Polymer based Gas Sensors for Industrial Applications Dr. Sunny IIITA Seed 10 2017-2020
Silicon Nanowires: Professional compact model of scaled thermoelectric figure of merit for harvesting Dr. Rekha Verma DST-SERB 23 2016-2019
Graphene transistors on different high-K dielectrics as performance boosters and role of self heating Dr. Sitangshu Bhattacharya DST-SERB 27 2016-2019
Design and fabrication of CMOS Receiver and ADC Under Special Manpower development program from chip to system design (SMDP-C2SD) Dr. Manish Goswami & Dr. Prasanna Kumar Misra (Co-PI) MeiTY 99 2015-2021
Design Innovation Center (DIC) Spoke-IIITA Dr. Suneel Yadav & Dr. Neetesh Purohit (Co-PI) &Dr. Sunny Sharma (Co-PI) MHRD 100 2015-2021
Development and application of atomic layer deposition for high efficiency c-Si photovoltaic cells Prof. B R Singh & Prof. Manish Goswami (co-PI) DST 216 2014-2017
Power Scaling in Next-Generation Nanoelectronics Materials and Devices Dr. Sitangshu Bhattacharya DST-Inspire faculty Scheme 35 2013-2018
Consultancy Projects : (1) Development of FINAPP: An financial application for innovative trading of crop(2) Development of ROJAPP: Apna Rojgar application(3) Development of CROPAPP: Satellite imaging-based crop monitoring application Dr Neetesh Purohit & Dr Suneel Yadav (Co-PI) AMIT Pvt. Ltd. 2018-2023
Consultancy Project :Designing and testing of the multi-antenna wireless sensor network node Dr Neetesh Purohit EXsensor Pvt. Ltd 2017-2018

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