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Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

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Device Fab Lab

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The Device fab lab at ECE department aims to fabricate devices that should be an affordable, consume low power and portabie.  The lab is equipped with the following mesurement instruments:

1) Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
2) Diffusion and Oxidation Machine
3) Sputtering Machine (Hind High Vacuum)
4) Thermal Evaporation (Hind High Vacuum)
5) Keithley Semiconductor Characterization system
6) Tunable Light Source (TLS): Newport Corporation
7) Lab Scale Electrospinning Machine, Starter Kit from Inovenso Pvt. Ltd, Turkey
8) Optical Microscope: Olympus Optical Microscope.
9) Mask Aligner SUSS MICROTECH
10) Analyte Sensing Setup (Multisensory Measurement System)

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