The Institute boasts of the state-of-the-art Laboratories, which offer the students the opportunity to exploit the full potential within. Few institutes offer Laboratories at par with IIIT Allahabad. Also the students are granted 24 * 7 access to the Labs, in order to promote self paced learning. Each lab has experienced managers to assist the students in their overall growth and development.

Videos of different UG Labs


Analog Electronics Lab
Experiment-1 (Introduction to Operational Amplifier, IC-741)
Experiment-2 (Inverting and Non Inverting Amplifier) (Manual)
Experiment-3 (Integrator and Differentiator)
Experiment-4 (Adder and Subtractor) (Manual)
Experiment-5 (Low Pass and High Pass Filter) (Part-1) (Part-2) (Manual)
Experiment-6 (Comparator and Schmitt Trigger using Opamp) (Manual)
Experiment-7 (Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) of an Op-Amp IC) (Manual)
Experiment-8 (Introduction of 555 Timer IC)
Experiment-9 (To study working of different operational modes of IC 555) (Monostable)(Bistable)(Astable) (Manual)
Experiment-10 (SPICE related Experiments)
(10.1: Introduction to LTspice)
(10.2: SPICE Simulation -Weighted Summer using OpAmp)
(10.3: SPICE Simulation - Differentiator using OpAmp)
(10.4: SPICE Simulation - Integrator using OpAmp)
(10.5: SPICE Simulation - Design of First Order Filters)

Electrical Engineering Lab
Experiment-1 (KVL and KCL) (Manual)
Experiment-2 (Series and Parallel Resistance) (Manual)
Experiment-3 (Thevenin and Norton Theorem) (Manual)
Experiment-4 (Superposition Theorem) (Manual)
Experiment-5 ( Reciprocity Theorem) (Manual)
Experiment-6 (Single Phase AC Circuit) (Manual)

Electronic Measurement Lab
Experiment-1 (AC Bridges) (Manual)
Experiment-2 (Half Wave Rectifier with and without Filter) (Manual)
Experiment-3 (Full Wave Rectifier with and without Filter) (Manual)
Experiment-4 (Measurement of Temperature using LM35 IC) (Manual)
Experiment-5 (Gain of Instrumentation Amplifier using OPAMP) (Manual)
Experiment-6 (Study of Lissajous Patterns) (Manual)
Experiment-7 (Calculation of Accuracy, Precision, Standard Deviation and Variance for Resistance) (Manual)
Experiment-8 (To learn and understand how to operate the Spectrum Analyzer) (Manual)

Microprocessor Lab
Experiment-1 (Addition and Subtraction of 8 bit numbers) (Manual)
Experiment-2 (Addition and Subtraction of 16 bit numbers) (Manual)
Experiment-3 (Multiplication of Two 8 bit Numbers) (Manual)
Experiment-4 (Reverse the Array of given Numbers) (Manual)
Experiment-5 (To find out the Largest Number in a given series of Number) (Manual)
Experiment-6 (Sorting of Numbers in Ascending and Descending Order) (Manual)
Experiment-7 (To find the Sum of Even Number in a given Series of Number) (Manual)


Microwave Lab
Experiment-1 (Introduction to Microwave Engineering test bench) (Manual)
Experiment-2 (Tuning of the Microwave bench and seting the VSWR) (Part-1) (Part-2) (Manual)
Experiment-3 (To determine the Operating frequency wavelength in a RWG working on TE10 mode) (Manual)
Experiment-4 (Determination of the Standing Wave Ratio and Reflection Coefficient) (Manual)
Experiment-5 (To study the Insertion and Isolation Loss of the Isolator and Circulator) (Manual)
Experiment-6 (To study the Attenuation and Insertion Loss of Fixed and Variable Attenuator) (Manual)
Experiment-7 (V-I characteristics of Gunn Diode) (Manual)
Experiment-8 (Mode Characteristics of Klystron Tube) (Manual)


Radar and Satellite Communication Lab
Experiment-1 (Introduction to the Radar System) (Manual)
Experiment-2 (To Measure the Speed of a Fan) (Manual)
Experiment-3 (To Measure the variable speeds of moving object) (Manual)
Experiment-4 (Calibration of Doppler Radar using Tuning Fork) (Manual)
Experiment-5 (To Find out the Time Period and Frequency of a Pendulum) (Manual)
Experiment-6 (Introduction to Satellite Communication) (Manual)
Experiment-7 (To establish a Link in Satellite Communication for Tone signal) (Manual)
Experiment-8 (To Measure the CNR of a Satellite Link) (Manual)
Experiment-9 (To study the effect of Fading and measure the Fading Margin of a received signal) (Manual)
Experiment-10 (Telecommand and Telemetry) (Manual)