The Institute boasts of the state-of-the-art Laboratories, which offer the students the opportunity to exploit the full potential within. Few institutes offer Laboratories at par with IIIT Allahabad. Also the students are granted 24 * 7 access to the Labs, in order to promote self paced learning. Each lab has experienced managers to assist the students in their overall growth and development.

Videos of different UG Labs


Fundamental of Electrical and Electronics (FEE) Lab

Experiment-1 Introduction to all Electrical and Electronic Components (Manual)
Experiment-2 (Resistance measurement with series and parallel) (Manual)
Experiment-3 (VI Characteristics of 1N4007 Si Diode) (Manual)
Experiment-4 (VI Characteristics of Zener Diode) (Manual)
Experiment-5 (To verify the all Logic Gates) (Manual)
Experiment-6 (To verify the all Logic Gates using Universal Gates) (Manual)
Experiment-7 (Verification of the operation of Half Adder circuit) (Manual)
Experiment-8 (To verify the KVL and KCL) (Manual)
Experiment-9 (To study and verify super position theorem) (Manual)
Experiment-10 (To study and verify Thevenin and Norton Theorem) (Manual)
Experiment-11 (To study and Verify the reciprocity theorem) (Manual)
Experiment-12 (To study the Half Wave Rectifier) (Manual)
Experiment-13 (To study the Full Wave Rectifier) (Manual)


Antenna and Wave Propagation Lab
Experiment-1 (Radiation pattern of a Dipole antenna at 600Mhz) (Manual)
Experiment-2 (Radiation pattern of a Yagi-Uda antenna at 600Mhz) (Manual)
Experiment-3 (Radiation pattern of a Yagi-Uda antenna at 800Mhz) (Manual)
Experiment-4 (Radiation pattern of a Log-Periodic antenna at 600Mhz) (Manual)
Introduction to HFSS (High Frequency Structure Simulator) (Manual-1)(Manual-2)
Experiment-5 (Dipole antenna at 1GHz using HFSS) (Manual)
Experiment-6 (Yagi-Uda antenna at 600MHz using HFSS)
Experiment-7 (Yagi-Uda antenna at 800MHz using HFSS)
Experiment-8 (Log-Periodic antenna at 600MHz using HFSS)

Control System Engineering Lab
Experiment-1 (Familiarization with MATLAB control system tool box) (Manual)
Experiment-3 (STUDY THE EFFECT OF ADDITION OF POLES and zeros) (Manual)
Experiment-4 (Determination of Root Locus PLOT) (Manual)
Experiment-5 (Determination of Nyquist PLOT) (Manual)
Experiment-6 (Bode Plot) (Manual)
Experiment-7 (Study the effect of P, PD, PI, PID controller) (Manual)


Optical Communication Lab
Experiment-1 (Introduction to the Lab) (Manual)
Experiment-2 (Analog Link) (Manual)
Experiment-3 (Digital link) (Manual)
Experiment-4 (Optical Power Measurement using OPM) (Manual)
Experiment-5 (Bending Loss) (Manual)
Experiment-6 (Propagation Loss) (Manual)
Experiment-7 (Numerical Aperture) (Manual)
Experiment-8 (Voice Link) (Manual)
Experiment-9 (Light Runner Kit)
Experiment-10 (Optical Splicing)